Dorset Archaeological Award

Dorset Archaeological Award

In November last year Mike Trevarthen received the Dorset Archaeological Award from the Dorset Archaeological Committee for his work assisting the Portable Antiquities Scheme in the county.

Mike is a professional field archaeologist who has been called on to provide his expertise in the archaeological excavation and recording of a number of important finds discovered by metal detectorists. He has been instrumental in the controlled recovery of a number of coin hoards, recording and reporting on their archaeological context. 

In addition, Mike has been commissioned to illustrate a number finds recorded by the PAS, has provided training on lithics recording and flint knapping and is an occasional volunteer at the Dorset office.

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20 years of the PAS in Somerset and Dorset Day School

The celebratory event was held on Saturday 15th December. Our excellent speakers presented on:  20 Years of Find from Dorset and Somerset, Bournemouth University’s work on sites identified by metal detectorists in Dorset, Early Medieval material from the area, Roman and Iron Age coin hoards in the two counties, the impact of PAS data on the Dorset HER and the work of PAS volunteers. It was great to see past and present PAS staff and volunteers there and my apologies again for the embarrassing photos!
Thanks to all the speakers:
Laura Burnett, Paul Cheetham, Rob Webley, Eleanor Ghey, Claire Pinder, Mike Trevarthen, Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen

Thanks to Megan Gard, Dorset PAS intern, for the photos.

20 years of the PAS in Somerset and Dorset – book now!

If you would like to attend the Somerset and Dorset PAS day school on Saturday 14th December in Dorchester, Dorset, please book your place online here:

Day school: 20 Years of the PAS in Somerset and Dorset

Finding Dorset: Saturday 14 December 2019
10am to 4.30pm (registration from 9.30)
Celebrating 20 years of the Portable Antiquities
Scheme in Somerset and Dorset. Join us to celebrate the 20th birthday of the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) in Somerset and Dorset at an event at County Hall in Dorchester (Committee
Room 1) organised by Dorset Council’s Historic Environment team.
Presentations will look at individual objects and types of finds from Somersetand Dorset and consider how PAS has changed our understanding of the past in  the two counties.
Tickets £10
Tea and coffee are provided, and a buffet lunch is available at a cost of £6 a head.
To book your place:
Claire Pinder, Senior Archaeologist
01305 224921

20 years of the PAS in Dorset (and Somerset!)

February 1st 2019 marked 20 years of the Portable Antiquities Scheme in Dorset, and also in Somerset (I worked in both counties until the advent of the national scheme in 2003).  We have plans to celebrate in both counties with talks, displays and a day school. I will post links here as the details become available. I am amazed to find myself still the FLO for Dorset and now working as part of the Somerset, Devon and Dorset team. I must have been enjoying it all as it doesn’t feel like 20 years have passed!