20 years of the PAS in Somerset and Dorset Day School

The celebratory event was held on Saturday 15th December. Our excellent speakers presented on:  20 Years of Find from Dorset and Somerset, Bournemouth University’s work on sites identified by metal detectorists in Dorset, Early Medieval material from the area, Roman and Iron Age coin hoards in the two counties, the impact of PAS data on the Dorset HER and the work of PAS volunteers. It was great to see past and present PAS staff and volunteers there and my apologies again for the embarrassing photos!
Thanks to all the speakers:
Laura Burnett, Paul Cheetham, Rob Webley, Eleanor Ghey, Claire Pinder, Mike Trevarthen, Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen

Thanks to Megan Gard, Dorset PAS intern, for the photos.