Devon COVID-19 update

Hello lovely finders!

In common with the rest of PAS, at present I am unable to meet with you to take in finds due to the COVID-19 restrictions. 

If you have a Treasure find, this still needs to be reported to me via email: 

You need to provide me with your name and address, the landowner’s name and address, and the findspot, plus an image of your find. I can then make the initial report to the coroner in good order, and we can arrange to meet when restrictions lift to take the find in. 

If you are waiting for your finds to be returned to you, please don’t worry- I am working away at finds taken in earlier in the year, and your finds are safe and secure. I will run a series of events and return objects to as many of you as I can when things return to normal, and my usual club visits will resume for others. Keep an eye on the database to see when your finds pop up as recorded. 

I am working away at home, there is plenty to do! In addition to recording finds taken in already and Treasure reports there are lots of old Devon records that need some love and attention, blog posts to write, and plenty of other bits and pieces to work on.

Take care of yourselves, remember that sadly detecting doesn’t count as your daily government sanctioned exercise, and I look forward to seeing you soon.