Spring 2021- Finds Days Return

Hello! It’s been a long dark lonely winter for Devon PAS- thank you so much to all the finders who have reached out, been in touch, reported Treasure finds and shown me non Treasure finds for digital recording during this period.  I’m really pleased to be able to accept appointments once again, now that museums …more

2020 in review

2020 has unsurprisingly been a somewhat challenging year for the Portable Antiquities Scheme in Devon. It’s been nonetheless full of fascinating finds and new ideas about them, and about the county’s past. The year began on a high, after a near record year for finds recording in Devon in 2019, with 1540 objects being recorded …more

1.5 million finds!

Hurrah! Huge congratulations to all of those involved in reaching this wonderful milestone for the scheme, to all the finders, volunteers and staff who have worked together for this great achievement.  I really enjoyed the wonderful patchwork of finds from across the country that was put together to celebrate. If you’re looking for Devon, you …more

Volunteers’ Week: Thank you Devon Volunteers!

I have been very lucky with all the wonderful volunteers who have helped me since taking on the Devon role. They all have brilliant skills and all have contributed hugely to the success of PAS in the county. Whether it’s going through bags of flint, poring over photos, recording objects or editing images, thank you …more

Devon COVID-19 update

Hello lovely finders! In common with the rest of PAS, at present I am unable to meet with you to take in finds due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  If you have a Treasure find, this still needs to be reported to me via email: finds@swheritage.org.uk  You need to provide me with your name and address, …more

It’s the little things

Yesterday, I recorded this tiny coin, DEV-10B247– it’s a cut penny, meaning that it was cut from a larger, higher value coin, for ease of use. We get lots of cut coins, and they can be absolutely miniscule! This can make them tricky to identify clearly, especially when large parts of the legend (the text …more