A paean to the DENO volunteers

As we are rapidly approaching Christmas, and Christmas is a time to be thankful, I think it’s high time I pay tribute to our fantastic volunteer team in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Each week at Derby Museum and the Museum of Archaeology in Nottingham, the PAS is supported by 15 student and community volunteers who bravely wade through bags of objects, write thoughtful descriptions, and help build the archaeological record in this beautiful corner of the East Midlands. Just this week two of our longest-serving volunteers reached PAS milestones:

Catherine Falkner has been volunteering at Derby Museum for two years and has recorded a whopping 973 objects in 500 records on the PAS database.

Simon Nicholson (who you may know from his blog posts) has written 1000 records over four years. This amounts to over 7% of all records with a DENO prefix!

The work that the PAS does here would not be possible without the commitment of Catherine, Simon, and many others in Derby and Nottingham who enthusiastically donate their time each week. I’ve been in post for almost six months, and I cannot adequately put into words how welcoming and helpful the DENO volunteer community has been since I arrived. Archaeology can at times be a lonely business, and it’s a joy to work with such a varied and interesting group of people.

DENO volunteers: we are richer for the work that you do each week. Thank you!