New Publication on Early Medieval Finds from Cheshire

Each year the Chester Archaeological Society kindly invites the FLO for Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside to write an article for their annual journal to discuss the key finds reported to the PAS from Cheshire for the previous year.

This year’s volume also includes an assessment of the Early Medieval finds reported to the PAS from Cheshire, which was written by Pauline Clarke, a Postgraduate research student from Chester University. Pauline’s article provides an excellent survey and discussion about the different object types represented in the PAS data and brings them into their wider archaeological context of Cheshire and beyond. Pauline also stresses the value that the PAS data has in our understanding of the archaeological record of England and Wales and demonstrates this throughout her well-researched and delivered article.

Three abstracts from Pauline’s article

The article was funded by Chester Archaeological Society’s biennial grant which is offered to support the study of PAS finds from Cheshire. The grant will next be offered in 2021. More information about the grant and how to apply can be found here:

Many thanks to Pauline for writing a wonderfully informative article and shedding some much needed light on the Early Medieval finds from Cheshire. Many thanks also to Chester Archaeological Society for their continued support of the PAS.