Meet Your New FLO

My name is Heather Beeton and I’ve recently taken over from Ben Jones as the Portable Antiquities Scheme’s Finds Liaison Officer for Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside. I’m based at the Museum of Liverpool but my role will take me all over the three counties, identifying and recording archaeological objects discovered by the public.

I’ve had an interest in archaeology since a young age when I would burrow into a man-made hill at my primary school in search of pottery. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to study Archaeology at A-Level and subsequently as an undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh. In September 2018, I completed my master’s from Durham University in Museum and Artefact Studies, with a focus on archaeological objects and researching and identifying fakes and forgeries.

I enjoy working in the field and have spent many summers in the dirt. I have participated in various archaeological projects in the North West of England as well as in Italy. I have also held the post of Finds Processor for the excavations at the Roman fort, Halmyris in Romania since 2018. My passion lies in the Roman period but I find all archaeological objects fascinating and enjoy researching them.

As a local to the north west, being born and raised in Warrington, I look forward to learning more about the archaeology of my home region and engaging with finders across this area of the north west.

Heather at the Archaeology at Halmyris excavation in Romania, holding the underside of a dolium.