Grant for Studying PAS Finds from Cheshire

Chester Archaeological Society is now accepting applications for a grant to support the study of archaeological finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) from Cheshire.

Front cover of the CAS journal (C) Chester Archaeological Society

The study should investigate objects, or groups/ type of objects reported to the PAS from Cheshire and adjoining areas. The results of the study will be produced in the form of an article for publication in the Society’s annual peer reviewed Journal.

The grant is a £700 award designed to support the study by covering personal expenses such as travel and accommodation, as well as access to specialist information and reports, and more. It is expected that the research and article will be completed within two years of the grant being awarded.

This grant offers a fantastic opportunity to make a lasting and significant contribution to our understanding of Cheshire’s past. The grant has been offered twice previously, and has strongly impacted the careers of each grant winner. The first grant was awarded to Matthew Ball and Carl Savage who focused on ‘Unpublished Coin Hoards from Cheshire’ including Roman, Medieval and Post Medieval coin hoards.

From Matthew who studied the Roman hoards:
“I am pleased to hear that the CAS has decided to continue the PAS grants. I hugely enjoyed writing and researching my joint-authored article on unpublished Roman and medieval coin hoards from Cheshire for JCAS 2017. The money, among other things, enabled my research partner and I to spend a very enjoyable week in the archives and stores of the Grosvenor in Chester, discovering hoards we would otherwise have missed. This was the first time I had carried out a survey of this kind; the skills required to synthensise all the information on our hoards, their provenances and likely dates of deposition have stayed with me ever since.”

Carl who studied the Medieval and Post Medieval hoards says:
For me the grant was important in contributing to a study and publication of important information that can be used by others in their own work. The application process of the grant also gave me a first hand taste of what it would be like to apply for similar research grants in the future, such as my PhD funding.
Carl is currently a PhD researcher at the University of York and National Museums Scotland.

The second study this grant supported is a survey of the Early Medieval finds reported to the PAS from Cheshire, produced by Pauline Clarke. Pauline says that:
The Chester Archaeological Society grant offered me a fantastic opportunity to research material culture through an increasingly important source – the PAS database. That I have had the chance to publish an article so early on in my academic career is so valuable. The experience has now led to a potential PhD which I would not have had the confidence to undertake without the learning and support offered by Chester Archaeological Society and the Finds Liaison Officers involved.”
Pauline is currently a Post Graduate Researcher at the University of Chester.

Applications for the grant are now open and proposals should be submitted no later than June 30th 2021. More details about the grant and application form can be found here:

Applicants should discuss their proposal with the Cheshire Finds Liaison Officer, Heather Beeton, prior to submission. Heather is also happy to answer any questions about the grant and areas of potential study. Contact: