Cheshire Find of the Month – November 2021

The subject of this month’s find of the month is a late Iron Age fob / dangler (c.200BC-AD100) from Marbury cum Quoisley, Cheshire East. Recorded under LVPL-945FF9.

LVPL-9455F9 – An Iron Age fob / dangler from Cheshire. (C) National Museums Liverpool

Fobs/danglers like this one are uncommon finds, with less than 80 identified on the PAS database. It seems there is an interesting cluster around the North Wales-Cheshire-Shropshire borders.

Distribution of Iron Age fob / danglers reported to the PAS (C) National Museums Liverpool.

This object type is still poorly understood, but it is believed they may have been hung from items of equipment, personal apparel or harness decoration. An example that was excavated at Kingsholm, Gloucestershire was still attached to binding, which appeared to be from the corner of a casket. The more of these objects that are discovered and recorded with the PAS, the bigger the picture becomes of what they are and how they may have been used.