Cheshire Find of the Month – October 2021

This is the first of a ‘Find of the Month’ series for Cheshire which aims to highlight some of the exciting finds that are being recorded with the PAS from Cheshire. It’s been a slow restart since the country was first put into lockdown in March 2020, but we’re starting to have some intriguing finds …more

PAS at 1.5m Finds: Top Finds from Cheshire Part 2 – Cheshire East, Warrington and Halton

Welcome to Top Finds from Cheshire Part 2 of 2. Part 1 looked at finds of note from Cheshire West and Chester, and this addition will be looking into finds from Cheshire East, Warrington and Halton. These blog posts are looking back through some of the amazing finds that have been recorded to the PAS …more

PAS at 1.5m Finds: Top Finds from Cheshire Part 1, Cheshire West and Chester

After 23 years, the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) has reached the milestone of recording 1.5 million objects. To celebrate this immense achievement, this blog is going to highlight some favourite finds, from different broad periods, that have been recorded from Cheshire. As Cheshire is a county with a wealth of interesting finds, two blog posts have been produced. This first one will be highlighting some of the amazing finds …more

Meet Your New FLO

My name is Heather Beeton and I’ve recently taken over from Ben Jones as the Portable Antiquities Scheme’s Finds Liaison Officer for Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside. I’m based at the Museum of Liverpool but my role will take me all over the three counties, identifying and recording archaeological objects discovered by the public. I’ve …more

The Poole Hoard (part 4)

The Poole Hoard is made up of 1496 Roman nummi, 5 debased radiates and a few fragments of pottery. The hoard was found in 2016 and excavated by archaeologists from the Museum of Liverpool alongside the local FLO. You can find out about the discovery in our first blog of the series The Poole Hoard …more

Grant to support the study of Portable Antiquities Scheme finds from Cheshire

Chester Archaeology Society wishes to encourage the study and publication of objects (or groups/types of object) reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme from Cheshire and adjoining areas, to ensure that their potential contribution to the understanding of the archaeology and history of the county is realised. It is therefore offering a grant of £700 every …more

Cheshire’s Treasure

On this day 20 years ago the 1996 Treasure Act came into force. This important Act allows museums across the country to acquire Treasure items for their collection, curating them and protecting them for the nation. Items which are 10% or more precious metal and over 300 years old are officially ‘Treasure’. For coins, two …more

Congratulations Carl and Matt!

Congratulations to two numismatists and PAS volunteers Carl Savage and Matt Ball!! Both Carl and Matt have been awarded Chester Archaeological Society’s grant supporting the study of PAS finds from Cheshire. Chester Archaeological Society wish to encourage the study and publication of objects (or groups/types of object) reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme from Cheshire and …more

The Poole Hoard 2016 T325

The Poole hoard was discovered on the 18th of April 2016 in the parish of Poole, Cheshire East. After reporting the discovery to me at the Museum of Liverpool (MOL) myself and MOL archaeologist Dr Mark Adams went out to investigate the site. The hoard had been discovered in plough soil and many of the …more