PAS 15 – Finds from Wiltshire

This year marks 15 years of the Portable Antiquities Scheme as a national scheme. Throughout the year we’ll be celebrating finds from each county – a find a day for the whole year! Here are the finds we’ve chosen from Wiltshire:

Image of seven archaeological finds from Wiltshire.
A selection of finds from the county of Wiltshire.

Palaeolithic handaxe (WILT-EEFB94): A flint handaxe from the Lower Palaeolithic period, c.500000-150000BC.

Post-medieval seal matrix (WILT-669DA9): A gold seal matrix. The fob is in shape of a snake biting its tail whilst the matrix is inscribed with a flower and the words “a moi”.

Roman coin (OXON-5853F7): A Roman Republican silver denarius dated 63BC. Issued by L. Furius Brocchus, mint of Rome.

Early Medieval brooch (WILT-7ED52): A copper alloy Saxon saucer brooch.

Iron Age brooch (WILT-97BC77): A copper alloy Birdlip brooch.

Bronze Age mould (WILT-FFC218): A copper alloy Middle Bronze Age palstave mould.