PAS 15 – Finds from the Isle of Wight

This year marks 15 years of the Portable Antiquities Scheme as a national scheme. Throughout the year we’ll be celebrating finds from each county – a find a day for the whole year! Here are the finds we’ve chosen from the Isle of Wight:


Image of seven archaeological finds discovered in the Isle of Wight.
A selection of finds from the Isle of Wight. Copyright: Portable Antiquities Scheme, Licence: CC-BY.


Roman brooch (IOW-328907): a copper alloy trumpet derivative fan-tailed bow brooch.

Post-medieval buckle (IOW-A81608): a copper alloy buckle plate in the shape of a stylised bird.

Medieval vessel terminal (IOW-3C28AD): a copper alloy handle terminal in the shape of a dog’s head.

Medieval seal matrix (IOW-9975D3): a copper alloy seal matrix depicting a monkey riding a donkey with an owl perched on his arm, in parody of a noble falconer.

Early Medieval coin (IOW-400C41): an Anglo Saxon silver sceat with pecking bird obverse.

Iron Age vessel mount (IOW-341935): a copper alloy vessel mount in the shape of a cow or bull’s head.

Post-medieval belt hook (IOW-5FAA24): a copper alloy belt hook with swan headed terminals.