PAS 15 – Finds from Somerset

This year marks 15 years of the Portable Antiquities Scheme as a national scheme. Throughout the year we’ll be celebrating finds from each county – a find a day for the whole year! Here are the finds we’ve chosen from Somerset:

Image of seven archaeological finds from Somerset.
A selection of finds from the county of Somerset.

Ancient Egyptian figurine (SOM-18AD04): a Late Period to Ptomelaic Period figurine of Osiris, c. 700BC.

Post-medieval vervel (SOM-E93B19): a silver hawking vervel inscribed with the name John Strangewayes.

Roman vessel mount (SOM-B6E28A): a copper alloy vessel mount in the shape of a two-faced Janus head.

Post-medieval token (SOM-171DDD): a copper penny token issued by Messrs Cox of Taunton.

Medieval coin (WILT-D9F3B1): a gold noble of Edward III. 

Early Medieval coin (SOM-0116F5): a silver sceat issued in Hamwic, Anglo-Saxon predecessor of Southampton.

Neolithic arrowhead (SOM-E20B25): a flint leaf-shaped arrowhead.