PAS 15 – Finds from Cumbria

This year marks 15 years of the Portable Antiquities Scheme as a national scheme. Throughout the year we’ll be celebrating finds from each county – a find a day for the whole year! Here are the finds we’ve chosen from Cumbria:


Image of a 7 archaeological finds from Cumbria
A selection of finds from the county of Cumbria. Copyright: Portable Antiquities Scheme, Licence: CC-BY.


Roman denarius (LANCUM-3B51FE): a silver denarius of Hadrian, dated AD117-138.

Early medieval drinking horn terminal (LANCUM-E89D32): a lion-headed silver terminal from an Early medieval drinking horn dating to the 10th or 11th century AD.

A medieval oil flask (LANCUM-B60611): a copper alloy flask from the Medieval period, probably used for holding Holy oil.

Roman bead (LANCUM-517458): a blue glass ‘Melon’ bead dating to the Roman period.

Viking silver hoard (LANCUM-FA14C8): a hoard of silver ingots and jewellery fragments, c. AD850-950.

Roman buckle (LANCUM-123688): a copper alloy buckle of the type used on Roman military sword belts.

Iron Age socketed axehead (LANCUM-3F7550): a decorated copper alloy socketed axehead dating to the Early Iron Age (800-600BC).