PAS 15 – Finds from Cornwall

This year marks 15 years of the Portable Antiquities Scheme as a national scheme. Throughout the year we’ll be celebrating finds from each county – a find a day for the whole year! Here are the finds we’ve chosen from Cornwall:

Image of 7 finds. Top row left to right: a gunpowder flask nozzle, a flint arrowhead. Middle row left to right: a circular trade token, a circular coin weight, a silver coin of Elizabeth I. Bottom row left to right: a silver coin of the Commonwealth, a gold ring with white enamel lettering.
A selection of finds from the county of Cornwall. Copyright: Portable Antiquities Scheme, Licence: CC-BY.


Post-medieval powder flask nozzle (CORN-CD0ED1): a 17th century lead powder flask nozzle.

Neolithic arrowhead (CORN-53A46D): a flint barbed and tanged arrowhead from the Beaker period (c.2500-1500BC).

Post-medieval trade token (CORN-B5A0B8): a 17th century copper alloy trade token farthing issued by John Blunt of Penzance.

Post-medieval coin weight (PUBLIC-E862B2): a copper alloy coin weight for a gold Louis d’Or of Louis XIV of France.

Post-medieval silver coin (CORN-4C60B4): a silver threepence of Elizabeth I dated 1574.

Post-medieval silver coin (CORN-44FD52): a silver halfgroat of the Commonwealth, 1649-1660.

Medieval finger ring (CORN-5482E1): a 15th century gold finger ring with French inscription inlaid with white enamel.