Easter Finds

Since we’ll be spending this Easter indoors this year, it’s the perfect time to have a little browse through the database. So we’ve pulled together some finds on the theme of Easter to get you started.

Image of 7 finds related to Easter.
A selection of finds with an Easter connection.

Roman steelyard weight (SWYOR-364F05): a lead steelyard weight that is shaped like an egg.

Medieval crucifix pendant (GLO-75E0F0): a silver-gilt pendant of Christ on the cross, flanked by the Virgin Mary and John the Evangelist.

Medieval seal matrix (IHS-0BA4C2): a copper alloy seal matrix depicting an angel at Christ’s empty tomb on Easter Sunday.

Post-medieval openwork vessel (LON-98D9E2): a lead alloy openwork vessel in the shape of a basket (for all your Easter eggs – tenuous link, we know!)

Roman brooch (HESH-D810F8): a copper alloy plate brooch in the shape of a rabbit or hare.

Roman aureus of Tiberius (HAMP-CC27E5): a gold aureus of Tiberius who was emperor at the time of Jesus’s death.

Medieval seal matrix (BUC-6E6D40): silver seal matrix depicting Agnus Dei, or the Lamb of God.