‘Kneeling Slave’: Imagery of the Abolitionist Movement

It has been approximated that between the years 1500 and 1900, almost 12 million individuals were removed from Africa by European merchants. These individuals were often bought from west African traders and forcibly moved across the Atlantic to the Americas in what is known as the Slave Trade or the trans-Atlantic Trade in Enslaved Individuals. …more

Festive Finds: PAS Christmas Countdown #8

Krampus It has to be remembered that Christmas is not only about the children who are rewarded for being nice. Many countries have stories to encourage all children to be well behaved in the build up to Christmas. In some countries they are told that they will receive something instead of presents, such as coal, or even worse …more

Festive Finds: PAS Christmas Countdown #6

Christmas Trees A popular image associated with Christmas today is the Christmas tree. Believed to have derived from a pre-Christian practice of bringing evergreen boughs indoors during the winter season as a symbol of everlasting life, the tree has become a staple of most Western households at Christmas. Prince Albert has been credited with introducing …more

Festive Finds: PAS Christmas Countdown #5

Boy Bishop Tokens The idea of boy bishops was a tradition that was popular in Western Europe during the medieval period but reached its height during the 16th century, continuing in some places until the 19th century. The custom of the Boy Bishop originated from Saint Nicholas due to his appointed as the Bishop of …more

Festive Finds: PAS Christmas Countdown #4

Sleigh Bells Sledges and sleighs of various types have been used through history in the colder parts of the world. Whether to transport goods or people, their association with snow and winter has made them a frequent feature on festive scenes for Christmas cards and paintings. Attaching bells to sleighs has occurred throughout history for …more

Festive Finds: PAS Christmas countdown #2

חנוכה – Hanukkah Many religions celebrate festivals during the winter period. It is a time when the days are shortest and people tend to stay indoors to avoid the cold. Of course winter occurs at different points in the calendar in different parts of the world, so many festivals that are celebrated worldwide will not …more

‘Beyond the Vale of York’ conference – Saturday 11th July, York

On Saturday 11th July a fascinating day conference on coin hoarding will take place in York.  The joint meeting of the Royal Numismatic Society and the British Numismatic Society will discuss hoarding from the Iron Age all the way through to the Stuart kings of the 17th century.  Proceedings will start at 10.20am at the …more

William – Volunteers’ Week 2015

To mark national Volunteers’ Week 2015, PAS volunteers were invited to contribute a blog post to the new County Pages about their experiences of volunteering for the Scheme. This post was written by William Aldington, an independent detectorist and self-recorder from Cheshire who records his own finds onto the PAS database with the assistance of Vanessa …more