Iron Age and Roman Mirrors from East Anglia

Iron Age Mirrors Iron Age mirrors were elaborately-decorated discs of polished bronze with decorative handles, such as the famous Desborough mirror. In 2010, Jody Joy catalogued 58 examples, mainly from southern England. The earliest mirrors from East Yorkshire date from about 400 BCE, but most others are 1st century BCE-1st century CE. Decorated Iron Age …more

Ouch! Medieval preemptive measures against pain (or even sudden death!)

In an excellent (if slightly unsettling) post Helen Geake¬†considered some of the objects recorded by the PAS that relate to medical care. Between the Roman scalpels and the late post-medieval dental plates discussed, there was a rather large gap of time (of course eminently forgivable in a short blog!).¬† Here, then, I consider the medieval …more