Finds of the Month – April 2021

After a couple of weeks away from the blog I’m back with finds of the month. The good news is that I’ll be able to see these shortly as I will be meeting finders from the end of May.

There were few finds in this month but that is because I am preparing to see more in person. One rather interesting find was this Roman object. 

Photo courtesy of the finder

From Martin Henig “From the front it looks like a helmet for Minerva, appropriate for all sorts of tools as Minerva usually has a plumed helmet. Alternatively it could be Mercury’s floppy petasos but a petasos does not usually have a peak. On balance it is probably Mercury.

There is a heavy  moulding around front and sides but not at the back, and it was not intended to be seen there.  Below the object  curves away and, despite iron staining, whether part of the object in some sort of way or not, it shows a phallus with glans, curving in the way of the phallus on the gladiator tintinnabulum.”

The object is unlikely to be a tintinnabulum but what it is is unclear. One suggestion is a tap terminal.

In other news I will be meeting with finders again from May 19th. 

Unless otherwise stated it dates and places will be:

1st Saturday and 3rd Wednesday of the month – West Berkshire Museum

Copyright West Berkshire Museum 

2nd Thursday of the month – Maidenhead Heritage Centre

4th Thursday of the month – Berkshire record office.

Photo courtesy of the Berkshire Record Office 

Appointments can be books up to a week in advance at the following link.