Sweet Child O’ Mine – Roman Putti Figurines

Late last year I tweeted a Roman putto (child) figurine that was brought in for recording. The statue is in the form of a chubby and naked winged boy, a putto, seated with his arm outstretched and bent at the elbows. His right hand is broken and his left arm is holding a ball. Copyright: The …more

Finds of the Month – February 2021

It was getting to the point recently that I didn’t think I would have much for Finds of the Month. However, very recently some rather interesting things landed in my inbox which I’ll be seeing once museums reopen. The first is, what would have been in its day, a very decorative Millefiori stud, dated to …more

Autocorrect Fail – Spelling Mistakes on Coins

With the 50th anniversary of decimalisation and hundreds of millions of coins made over the millennia, I thought I would look at one particular element; die errors. More specifically, spelling mistakes. There is no real rhyme or reason to them, they are not that uncommon, but they do catch the eye and can confuse when …more

Keep it secret, keep it safe – Roman seal boxes

One of my favourite Roman objects is seal boxes. Colin Andrews (2012) research demonstrated that these boxes were more likely to seal up bags rather than writing tablets, as was previously thought. There are a couple of examples from Berkshire. The first is the top of a lozenge shaped box. The top is decorated with …more

Museum Musings – January 2021

This is first in a new series about PAS finds in the West Berkshire Museum. From time to time finds submitted to the PAS are acquired by museums either through the treasure process, temporary loans or donations. Running until October 2022 the museum currently has a hoards exhibition on display, some of which were found …more

Berkshire in 2021

Last year was quite a tumultuous one for all. Here’s hoping that 2021 will get better. For this year I have a few things planned.  Firstly is finds surgeries. These will be when possible 5 per month. At West Berkshire Museum this will be the 1st and 3rd Wednesday and 1st Saturday of each month. …more

Berkshire 2020

With the release of the 2019 PAS Annual Report,  here is a couple of special Berkshire ones from the report and a  roundup of finds from Berkshire recorded in the past year. PAS 2019 Annual Report First from 2019 is a remarkable find from Bisham, Berkshire, this year was a silver Greek drachm of Alexander …more


  Great Britain was governed by the Roman Empire from the period AD 43 to 410 AD. There are currently 381, 275 records of Roman artefacts and coins on the PAS database, 3172 of which are from Berkshire! The most common finds are coins followed by brooches. An amazing 2, 580 coins, and 179 brooches …more