My finds of note so far…

Nearly 7 months into my post and I have come across some great finds from both West and East Berkshire. Here are some of the highlights! An incomplete copper alloy sword belt hanger dating to c. 16th -17th  century found in West Berkshire. These were worn to suspend swords in the post Medieval period. Copyright: …more

How to record your finds with the Berkshire FLO

  The new Berkshire FLO is Helena Costas. Based at the West Berkshire Museum on Wednesdays, and the Berkshire Record Office on Thursdays. I am contactable on; 01635519397, and via email at; My work days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Finds Surgeries West Berkshire Museum – Second Wednesday of every month by appointment between the hours 12.30 …more