Finds Through The Ages – The Neolithic Period in Berkshire

The Neolitic period dates from 4000 BC – 2200 BC. Core and flake technology and axe manufacture were the characteristics of this period where we see object types such as; leaf oblique arrowheads, scrapers serrated blades, and polished axes in the Earlier Neolithic, oblique arrowheads, large scrapers, fabricators(long, thick flakes or blades with retouch on …more

Finds Through The Ages – The Mesolithic Period in Berkshire

This week we look at finds from the Mesolithic period which dates from 9000 BC – c. 4000 BC. During this time we see the continuation of blade technology which emerged from the Early Upper Palaeolithic (40,000-24,000 BC), as well as tranchet axe manufacture. Tools include: Tranchet axes, blades and bladelets (less than 12mm wide), …more

Finds Through The Ages

The Palaeolithic Period Today I was thinking about searching for the oldest find found in Berkshire via the PAS database! This then lead me to ponder on the idea of writing a weekly blog where I could demonstrate this by writing about the oldest finds from different periods. So lets see how this goes! I shall start with the Palaeolithic …more

My finds of note so far…

Nearly 7 months into my post and I have come across some great finds from both West and East Berkshire. Here are some of the highlights! An incomplete copper alloy sword belt hanger dating to c. 16th -17th  century found in West Berkshire. These were worn to suspend swords in the post Medieval period. Copyright: …more

Finds from Berkshire

Copyright Portable Antiquities Scheme. License: CC BY – 2.0 A Roman nail cleaner c. 1st – 2nd century AD found in West Berkshire. BERK-1A3B74 Copyright: The Portable Antiquities Scheme, License: CC-BY 2.0 A gold touch-piece of Queen Anne dating to 1702-1714 found in East Berkshire.  BERK-AD2BA7

How to record your finds with the Berkshire FLO

  The new Berkshire FLO is Helena Costas. Based at the West Berkshire Museum on Wednesdays, and the Berkshire Record Office on Thursdays. I am contactable on; 01635519397, and via email at; My work days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Finds Surgeries West Berkshire Museum – Second Wednesday of every month by appointment between the hours 12.30 …more