My finds of note so far…

Nearly 7 months into my post and I have come across some great finds from both West and East Berkshire. Here are some of the highlights! An incomplete copper alloy sword belt hanger dating to c. 16th -17th  century found in West Berkshire. These were worn to suspend swords in the post Medieval period. Copyright: …more

Finds from Berkshire

Copyright Portable Antiquities Scheme. License: CC BY – 2.0 A Roman nail cleaner c. 1st – 2nd century AD found in West Berkshire. BERK-1A3B74 Copyright: The Portable Antiquities Scheme, License: CC-BY 2.0 A gold touch-piece of Queen Anne dating to 1702-1714 found in East Berkshire.  BERK-AD2BA7

How to record your finds with the Berkshire FLO

Image of a trefoil harness pendant with a horse head on reverse.

  The new Berkshire FLO is Helena Costas. Based at the West Berkshire Museum on Wednesdays, and the Berkshire Record Office on Thursdays. I am contactable on; 01635519397, and via email at; My work days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Finds Surgeries West Berkshire Museum – Second Wednesday of every month by appointment between the hours 12.30 …more