Treasure cases reported

All Treasure cases reported
Treasure number PAS ID County Last updated
2011T156 DOR-4FE0C5 Dorset Monday 17th June 2013
2011T157 PAS-9DD5B2 Dorset Wednesday 20th March 2013
2011T158 HESH-8C7533 Shropshire Monday 15th July 2013
2011T159 HESH-9C17D7 County of Herefordshire Tuesday 16th July 2013
2011T160 DOR-506515 Dorset Monday 17th June 2013
2011T161 PAS-9E5727 Northamptonshire Wednesday 20th March 2013
2011T163 SUR-2C8136 Worcestershire Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T165 LEIC-9F1BF3 Leicestershire Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T166 SUR-9FD2E7 Surrey Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T167 GLO-6535E4 Tuesday 24th September 2013
2011T168 GLO-E6C434 Gloucestershire Thursday 2nd May 2013
2011T169 GLO-E6E038 Gloucestershire Wednesday 3rd September 2014
2011T170 GLO-FB0633 Gloucestershire Wednesday 3rd September 2014
2011T172 SWYOR-B1D197 Nottinghamshire Thursday 2nd May 2013
2011T173 SWYOR-B210E1 Lincolnshire Monday 30th June 2014
2011T174 SWYOR-B1FFB4 Lincolnshire Wednesday 3rd September 2014
2011T175 SF-9DFDC3 Suffolk Tuesday 16th July 2013
2011T176 SF-B236E4 Suffolk Thursday 2nd May 2013
2011T177 SF-A044F4 Suffolk Tuesday 16th July 2013
2011T178 SF-A13D23 Suffolk Wednesday 8th June 2011
2011T179 SF-B2AA47 Suffolk Tuesday 16th July 2013
2011T18 HAMP-C94E75 Hampshire Friday 25th January 2013
2011T181 IOW-CBEB57 Isle of Wight Thursday 2nd May 2013
2011T182 IOW-099F52 Isle of Wight Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T183 NCL-1A4212 East Riding of Yorkshire Monday 17th June 2013
2011T184 DOR-A928D5 Dorset Friday 4th July 2014
2011T185 SWYOR-30DF53 York Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T186 SWYOR-316C82 East Riding of Yorkshire Friday 1st February 2013
2011T187 WAW-D5B7F1 Warwickshire Friday 18th July 2014
2011T188 LVPL-2232A6 Cheshire East Thursday 16th May 2013

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