Treasure cases reported

All Treasure cases reported
Treasure number PAS ID County Last updated
2008T197 LEIC-5FA233 Leicestershire Thursday 30th August 2012
2008T199 DOR-7AE526 Dorset Friday 30th December 2011
2008T201 SUSS-E6C756 Kent Thursday 23rd June 2011
2008T203 SUSS-E69D90 West Sussex Friday 4th November 2011
2008T206 SWYOR-EA45E6 North Yorkshire Thursday 10th November 2011
2008T207 YORYM-126AF2 East Riding of Yorkshire Tuesday 8th November 2011
2008T208 NMS-F11205 Norfolk Wednesday 9th November 2011
2008T213 LVPL-EADE47 North Yorkshire Friday 1st April 2011
2008T220 HESH-1F6182 Shropshire Tuesday 25th June 2013
2008T225 DEV-F0A737 Devon Wednesday 2nd March 2011
2008T226 SF-65D096 Suffolk Friday 4th July 2014
2008T227 HAMP-690EA5 Hampshire Monday 7th November 2011
2008T229 HAMP-24FE35 Hampshire Monday 28th February 2011
2008T23 SWYOR-41D6B7 East Riding of Yorkshire Thursday 5th January 2012
2008T230 GLO-45ACB5 Gloucestershire Friday 4th November 2011
2008T233 ESS-A3AA61 Essex Wednesday 9th November 2011
2008T235 ESS-A3CCF3 Essex Tuesday 8th November 2011
2008T236 ESS-A3D517 Essex Friday 4th November 2011
2008T238 ESS-A3EB97 Essex Tuesday 8th November 2011
2008T243 BM-926131 Devon Thursday 23rd June 2011
2008T246 NMS-F18394 Suffolk Wednesday 2nd March 2011
2008T248 NMS-F19274 Norfolk Monday 2nd July 2012
2008T249 NMS-F19A76 Norfolk Friday 6th January 2012
2008T250 NMS-F1A270 Norfolk Tuesday 11th February 2014
2008T252 YORYM-F499A2 East Riding of Yorkshire Tuesday 8th November 2011
2008T253 KENT-F48398 Kent Tuesday 9th August 2011
2008T259 IOW-192A27 Isle of Wight Wednesday 9th November 2011
2008T268 LEIC-C7CC44 Leicestershire Saturday 9th March 2013
2008T269 LON-C8CE96 West Berkshire Friday 7th June 2013
2008T271 YORYM-DEBA55 North Yorkshire Wednesday 2nd March 2011

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