Treasure cases reported

All Treasure cases reported
Treasure number PAS ID County Last updated
2008T117 NMS-EFF335 Norfolk Tuesday 8th July 2014
2008T118 IOW-E7CB83 Isle of Wight Monday 21st March 2011
2008T121 LVPL-D84992 Cheshire East Saturday 2nd April 2011
2008T122 LVPL-D85300 Cheshire East Friday 27th May 2011
2008T125 BUC-582585 Buckinghamshire Wednesday 20th March 2013
2008T127 IOW-125794 Isle of Wight Monday 29th October 2012
2008T131 DOR-2F6867 Dorset Tuesday 8th November 2011
2008T133 IOW-C61748 Isle of Wight Monday 21st March 2011
2008T134 LIN-3484C2 Nottinghamshire Wednesday 2nd March 2011
2008T135 LIN-347C15 Nottinghamshire Tuesday 8th November 2011
2008T136 LANCUM-449151 Cumbria Thursday 12th May 2011
2008T14 NMS-750C07 Norfolk Friday 4th April 2014
2008T140 CAM-B57241 Cambridgeshire Thursday 23rd September 2010
2008T141 CAM-A32F23 Cambridgeshire Thursday 23rd September 2010
2008T146 SF-E0F945 Suffolk Thursday 5th January 2012
2008T151 YORYM-D38254 North Yorkshire Wednesday 2nd March 2011
2008T152 IOW-05DBA2 Isle of Wight Saturday 11th February 2012
2008T158 LON-2607D0 Greater London Authority Monday 21st March 2011
2008T16 NMS-EDEE62 Norfolk Thursday 28th June 2012
2008T161 WAW-E67853 Warwickshire Wednesday 9th November 2011
2008T164 ESS-FE3DA4 Essex Wednesday 2nd March 2011
2008T168 DEV-F03C57 Devon Friday 1st February 2013
2008T179 SUR-E9B548 Surrey Tuesday 22nd July 2014
2008T18 DEV-EFA8E7 Devon Monday 7th November 2011
2008T181 SUR-2396F6 Hampshire Tuesday 8th November 2011
2008T183 NCL-23D787 Lincolnshire Wednesday 2nd March 2011
2008T188 NMS-F03442 Norfolk Monday 2nd July 2012
2008T189 DENO-FA4D81 Leicestershire Tuesday 8th November 2011
2008T190 DENO-FD1D98 Derbyshire Thursday 3rd November 2011
2008T196 NMS-F0E038 Norfolk Thursday 16th May 2013

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