Treasure cases reported

All Treasure cases reported
Treasure number PAS ID County Last updated
2007T67 NLM-BEEF90 Lincolnshire Wednesday 13th July 2011
2007T670 DOR-9C4371 Dorset Wednesday 6th July 2011
2007T671 LEIC-815FF6 Leicestershire Thursday 25th September 2014
2007T673 KENT-C37138 Kent Tuesday 12th April 2011
2007T675 YORYM-1B8376 North Yorkshire Tuesday 16th August 2011
2007T676 NMS-EA4080 Norfolk Tuesday 19th July 2011
2007T677 GLO-40A9B6 Bath and North East Somerset Thursday 16th May 2013
2007T678 SOM-574036 Somerset Wednesday 6th July 2011
2007T679 NMS-1E9786 Norfolk Thursday 25th October 2012
2007T68 SWYOR-C51917 Doncaster Tuesday 9th August 2011
2007T680 NMS-E88A33 Norfolk Wednesday 13th July 2011
2007T681 SUSS-ADCF71 East Sussex Wednesday 6th July 2011
2007T682 NLM-683755 North Lincolnshire Tuesday 14th June 2011
2007T683 DENO-666812 Nottinghamshire Wednesday 13th July 2011
2007T684 NLM-FDB8B5 Lincolnshire Thursday 14th July 2011
2007T685 NMS-C25257 Norfolk Tuesday 28th June 2011
2007T686 LVPL-035186 Halton Wednesday 1st June 2011
2007T688 NMS-D35995 Norfolk Tuesday 9th August 2011
2007T689 NMS-D38330 Norfolk Tuesday 9th August 2011
2007T69 SWYOR-EA9CB3 North Yorkshire Wednesday 13th July 2011
2007T690 IOW-75F6D5 Isle of Wight Monday 29th October 2012
2007T691 HAMP-399633 Hampshire Wednesday 6th July 2011
2007T693 CAMHER-9C1383 Cambridgeshire Wednesday 6th July 2011
2007T696 WILT-116095 Gloucestershire Tuesday 19th July 2011
2007T697 BH-1DB741 Bedford Wednesday 6th July 2011
2007T698 BH-1D6502 Hertfordshire Tuesday 2nd August 2011
2007T699 KENT-6D9885 Kent Tuesday 19th July 2011
2007T7 ESS-286B04 Essex Wednesday 6th July 2011
2007T70 SWYOR-BB82F6 North Yorkshire Tuesday 9th August 2011
2007T700 IOW-625E21 Isle of Wight Wednesday 13th July 2011

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