Treasure cases reported

All Treasure cases reported
Treasure number PAS ID County Last updated
2006T219 SWYOR-C5A978 North Yorkshire Monday 19th September 2011
2006T22 PAS-36A348 Lincolnshire Monday 19th September 2011
2006T221 SWYOR-C5D8C6 North Yorkshire Monday 19th September 2011
2006T225 KENT-2D98C7 Medway Tuesday 23rd August 2011
2006T227 ESS-127B35 Essex Tuesday 23rd August 2011
2006T231 PAS-DABAFB Norfolk Wednesday 27th August 2014
2006T233 WILT-B0C652 Wiltshire Tuesday 3rd June 2014
2006T234 KENT-B1FEE1 Kent Tuesday 23rd August 2011
2006T236 WILT-A19293 Wiltshire Friday 10th June 2011
2006T237 WILT-A1F047 Wiltshire Tuesday 8th November 2011
2006T238 WILT-A10071 Wiltshire Thursday 13th December 2012
2006T240 SUSS-DA46C1 Hampshire Monday 7th November 2011
2006T241 BERK-1DF3D2 Bedford Tuesday 10th December 2013
2006T242 HAMP-EBBA05 Hampshire Monday 12th September 2011
2006T243 LEIC-9C94D1 Leicestershire Thursday 3rd March 2011
2006T246 PAS-8E4AF5 Shropshire Monday 9th September 2013
2006T248 NMS-496D66 Norfolk Monday 19th September 2011
2006T249 PAS-A626F1 Norfolk Monday 12th September 2011
2006T250 WILT-34D958 Wiltshire Tuesday 8th May 2012
2006T253 PAS-5A5407 North Yorkshire Friday 28th March 2014
2006T256 PAS-A59243 East Riding of Yorkshire Tuesday 12th July 2011
2006T259 IOW-B09925 Isle of Wight Monday 19th September 2011
2006T260 WAW-793C86 Wednesday 6th June 2012
2006T262 PAS-227D90 Dorset Tuesday 6th September 2011
2006T263 SUSS-CB3674 West Sussex Wednesday 18th April 2012
2006T264 LANCUM-16EFC3 Cumbria Monday 19th September 2011
2006T270 LEIC-4405A7 Leicestershire Friday 17th May 2013
2006T271 PAS-274301 Norfolk Tuesday 12th July 2011
2006T272 SUSS-DAC5E1 West Sussex Tuesday 8th May 2012
2006T273 SF-9E5FA2 Suffolk Monday 19th September 2011

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