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Treasure cases reported

This list is not yet complete, and we're working to improve this situation by enriching past records. Once it is, you will be able to find our details of the find, valuations and further information such as acquiring body.

All Treasure cases reported
Treasure number PAS ID County Last updated
2003 T120 KENT-475D41 Kent Thursday 24th February 2011
2003 T210 KENT-09C677 Kent Thursday 24th February 2011
2003T108 NLM-7CDDF5 Lincolnshire Friday 28th March 2014
2003T10A KENT-7541B6 Kent Tuesday 8th July 2014
2003T10B KENT-757FC0 Kent Friday 4th July 2014
2003T113 LIN-A50AD8 Lincolnshire Wednesday 7th May 2014
2003T120 KENT-09EE16 Kent Friday 28th March 2014
2003T133 NMS-F27122 Norfolk Thursday 12th May 2011
2003T145 BUC-F0E2D5 Buckinghamshire Wednesday 20th March 2013
2003T151 KENT-321FD1 Medway Thursday 23rd February 2012
2003T156 SF-866641 Suffolk Friday 25th May 2012
2003T164 KENT-5B7741 Kent Tuesday 22nd July 2014
2003T166 KENT-7A51A6 Kent Wednesday 13th March 2013
2003T172 KENT-A4F205 Kent Thursday 1st March 2012
2003T176 KENT-14DC40 Kent Friday 24th February 2012
2003T177 KENT-E43781 Kent Tuesday 21st February 2012
2003T181 PAS-B1F065 Norfolk Friday 4th July 2014
2003T187 KENT-F26521 Kent Tuesday 24th April 2012
2003T193 YORYM-EC2251 East Riding of Yorkshire Friday 6th July 2012
2003T198 YORYM-EAA901 East Riding of Yorkshire Monday 14th March 2011
2003T20 IOW-6685C5 Isle of Wight Monday 20th August 2012
2003T201 YORYM-EAC9B4 York Thursday 26th July 2012
2003T206 BUC-DF5186 Buckinghamshire Wednesday 20th March 2013
2003T207 KENT-7009B3 Kent Tuesday 28th February 2012
2003T208 IOW-0AB0D4 Isle of Wight Friday 7th November 2014
2003T210 KENT-0995F2 Kent Friday 28th March 2014
2003T214 LVPL-C95536 Nottinghamshire Wednesday 9th November 2011
2003T216 SF-5D9E03 Suffolk Friday 28th March 2014
2003T218 LVPL-5C6602 Lancashire Tuesday 8th November 2011
2003T230 SF-9C49D7 Suffolk Monday 7th November 2011

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