Treasure cases reported

All Treasure cases reported
Treasure number PAS ID County Last updated
2006T577 PAS-A66FE5 Cambridgeshire Sunday 26th January 2014
2006T578 PAS-B92C72 Leicestershire Thursday 24th February 2011
2006T579 PAS-2A6A34 Cambridgeshire Tuesday 12th July 2011
2006T582 ESS-0144A4 Essex Friday 4th November 2011
2006T583 ESS-0148A8 Thursday 5th January 2012
2006T586 KENT-D8D920 Essex Wednesday 4th January 2012
2006T587 KENT-D8E9F4 Kent Monday 27th February 2012
2006T589 SF-DC8632 Suffolk Wednesday 9th March 2011
2006T59 HAMP-6B6AB6 Hampshire Tuesday 23rd August 2011
2006T590 NCL-9FC501 Rotherham Friday 4th November 2011
2006T592 SOMDOR-D80221 Somerset Monday 7th November 2011
2006T593 KENT-C06D73 Kent Monday 27th February 2012
2006T60 SUSS-B72845 East Sussex Monday 31st December 2012
2006T600 WILT-2FF254 Wiltshire Friday 4th November 2011
2006T603 SF-AD67E5 Suffolk Monday 19th September 2011
2006T604 BERK-C10656 Oxfordshire Monday 10th June 2013
2006T606 PAS-840704 Monday 18th April 2011
2006T609 LIN-0F8F88 Lincolnshire Monday 12th September 2011
2006T61 SUSS-B6E917 West Sussex Tuesday 6th September 2011
2006T610 SOMDOR-B67BF1 Somerset Monday 19th September 2011
2006T613 PAS-3880C2 Surrey Monday 19th September 2011
2006T614 SF-6BA334 Suffolk Tuesday 16th August 2011
2006T623 IOW-228C18 Isle of Wight Tuesday 30th October 2012
2006T626 HAMP-6D24D2 Hampshire Thursday 26th April 2012
2006T628 PAS-363BA5 North Yorkshire Monday 19th September 2011
2006T629 YORYM-6056B7 East Riding of Yorkshire Tuesday 6th September 2011
2006T62REC IOW-72F357 Isle of Wight Wednesday 8th January 2014
2006T631 BUC-DFE451 Milton Keynes Wednesday 20th March 2013
2006T635 HAMP-3BF2C3 Hampshire Wednesday 18th April 2012
2006T638 KENT-474276 Kent Monday 27th February 2012

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