Treasure cases reported

All Treasure cases reported
Treasure number PAS ID County Last updated
2006T504 NMS-4B8EF7 Norfolk Monday 12th September 2011
2006T51 PAS-A642F3 Cambridgeshire Tuesday 12th July 2011
2006T511 ESS-010B24 Essex Friday 19th August 2011
2006T513 BERK-73F677 Oxfordshire Tuesday 22nd April 2014
2006T514 SOMDOR-635644 Dorset Tuesday 8th May 2012
2006T515 ESS-011885 Essex Thursday 25th September 2014
2006T518 SF-605D87 Norfolk Tuesday 23rd August 2011
2006T52 DEV-742F63 Devon Thursday 18th September 2014
2006T525 BERK-8F0375 Oxfordshire Monday 22nd September 2014
2006T526 PAS-942FE3 Oxfordshire Monday 31st March 2014
2006T528 BUC-6DA7E2 Buckinghamshire Wednesday 20th March 2013
2006T529 BUC-B93E93 Milton Keynes Monday 4th March 2013
2006T531 LEIC-6D0E55 Leicestershire Monday 22nd September 2014
2006T532A PAS-2A5BD3 Norfolk Tuesday 12th July 2011
2006T532B PAS-ACA706 Norfolk Tuesday 3rd July 2012
2006T532D PAS-A7A881 Norfolk Tuesday 12th July 2011
2006T532H PAS-277B14 Norfolk Tuesday 12th July 2011
2006T536 SF-F81A90 Suffolk Tuesday 23rd August 2011
2006T537 SF-8A6886 Suffolk Monday 30th September 2013
2006T539 PAS-37FA74 Lincolnshire Monday 19th September 2011
2006T54 PAS-59DAE7 Bedford Saturday 16th August 2014
2006T543 BERK-611022 Suffolk Thursday 25th September 2014
2006T544 IOW-74F105 Isle of Wight Tuesday 6th September 2011
2006T549 LVPL-9E1D13 Warrington Tuesday 8th November 2011
2006T55 PAS-3E6EC6 Lincolnshire Tuesday 9th April 2013
2006T550 CORN-B6B241 Cornwall Tuesday 17th April 2012
2006T551 NLM-AA3ED3 North Lincolnshire Tuesday 8th May 2012
2006T552 LVPL-5F83C5 Nottinghamshire Sunday 16th March 2014
2006T555 GLO-EF23B6 South Gloucestershire Wednesday 3rd August 2011
2006T557 ESS-0121E6 Essex Monday 19th September 2011

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