Treasure cases reported

All Treasure cases reported
Treasure number PAS ID County Last updated
2011T258 GLO-8627E3 South Gloucestershire Wednesday 8th May 2013
2011T259 SF-584016 Suffolk Thursday 16th May 2013
2011T26 BH-EEE4D3 Milton Keynes Monday 13th May 2013
2011T260 YORYM-C12142 East Riding of Yorkshire Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T261 LANCUM-2E5C81 Lancashire Monday 21st October 2013
2011T262 HESH-C45B22 Shropshire Monday 24th June 2013
2011T263 HESH-C47F31 Shropshire Monday 24th June 2013
2011T264 NLM-DFAE26 North Lincolnshire Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T265 SWYOR-D65248 Nottinghamshire Thursday 16th May 2013
2011T266 SWYOR-D82356 Nottinghamshire Wednesday 8th May 2013
2011T267 WILT-EBD251 Wiltshire Monday 17th June 2013
2011T268 KENT-EBE952 Kent Thursday 16th May 2013
2011T269 KENT-EC13F5 Kent Thursday 16th May 2013
2011T27 BH-EEEC66 Cambridgeshire Wednesday 8th June 2011
2011T270 BUC-461F50 Buckinghamshire Thursday 16th May 2013
2011T271 LVPL-025A25 Cheshire West and Chester Wednesday 8th May 2013
2011T272 IOW-02C528 Isle of Wight Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T273 SOM-030135 Somerset Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T274 SOM-032FF6 Somerset Wednesday 8th May 2013
2011T275 HAMP-039157 Hampshire Thursday 16th May 2013
2011T277 NMS-032A66 Norfolk Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T278 YORYM-6A9373 North Yorkshire Friday 19th April 2013
2011T279 IOW-565B35 Isle of Wight Thursday 16th May 2013
2011T280 WMID-6DFDA5 Worcestershire Tuesday 14th May 2013
2011T281 WMID-6E5912 Warwickshire Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T282 WMID-6DC3A7 Staffordshire Wednesday 8th May 2013
2011T283 LANCUM-80A304 Cumbria Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T284 DENO-928643 Nottinghamshire Wednesday 8th May 2013
2011T285 DENO-D43192 Derbyshire Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T286 IOW-5597F6 Isle of Wight Thursday 21st March 2013

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