Treasure cases reported

All Treasure cases reported
Treasure number PAS ID County Last updated
2011T22 IOW-DE3484 Isle of Wight Monday 13th May 2013
2011T220 ESS-9A3A05 Essex Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T221 ESS-9A41D3 Essex Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T222 ESS-9A6AC4 Essex Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T224 NMS-C4AEA7 Norfolk Thursday 16th May 2013
2011T225 WMID-C63DD5 Worcestershire Thursday 16th May 2013
2011T226 NMS-C872E4 Suffolk Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T227 LIN-D7E6D1 Lincolnshire Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T228 HAMP-A01912 Hampshire Monday 17th June 2013
2011T229 DOR-D914C7 Dorset Thursday 5th June 2014
2011T23 NMS-EBAB46 Norfolk Friday 25th January 2013
2011T230 DOR-D89C32 Dorset Wednesday 9th July 2014
2011T232 SOM-DDB777 Somerset Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T233 SOM-111833 Somerset Friday 3rd May 2013
2011T234 SOM-DE0530 Wiltshire Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T235 SOM-DE9532 South Gloucestershire Thursday 16th May 2013
2011T236 LVPL-1733B1 Lincolnshire Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T237 LVPL-1872F4 Nottinghamshire Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T238 BUC-F12348 Windsor and Maidenhead Friday 3rd May 2013
2011T239 IOW-F47078 Isle of Wight Wednesday 28th September 2011
2011T24 LON-43C1F0 Greater London Authority Friday 25th January 2013
2011T240 YORYM-2C3C87 North Yorkshire Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T241 BUC-F183D2 Oxfordshire Wednesday 20th March 2013
2011T242 BH-106AF2 Suffolk Thursday 16th May 2013
2011T244 ESS-31E061 Essex Thursday 21st March 2013
2011T245 BUC-42F5C3 Northamptonshire Wednesday 20th March 2013
2011T246 LANCUM-4501B2 Cumbria Wednesday 8th May 2013
2011T247 LEIC-413B05 Lincolnshire Wednesday 8th May 2013
2011T248 BERK-57D044 Oxfordshire Tuesday 22nd July 2014
2011T249 YORYM-6B67B2 East Riding of Yorkshire Thursday 21st March 2013

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