Reece Period attributed: Period 13

Obverse image of a coin of Laelianus

Member of the The Gallic Emperors dynasty.

Coins for this issuer were issued from 269 until 269.

Laelian was governor of Upper Germany under Postumus and had two legions at his command. He led a rebellion at Mainz, but his supporters soon dwindled and Postumus recaptured Mainz. Laelian died sometime during the battle, though the exact details are not know. Postumus died shortly thereafter at the hands of his own soldiers, angry when he did not allow them to pillage the city.

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PAS record number: BH-439688

Record: BH-439688
Object type: COIN
Broadperiod: ROMAN
Description: A copper-alloy radiate of Laelian, dating to AD 269 (Reece period 13). VICTORIA AVG reverse depicting Victory advancing right, holding wreath…
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PAS record number: SF-F97D71

Record: SF-F97D71
Object type: COIN
Broadperiod: ROMAN
Description: A worn copper-alloy Roman radiate, a contemporary copy (barbarous radiate) copying a coin of Laelian, c.269 AD. Reverse: [VICT]O-RI-A AVG, Vi…
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PAS record number: WAW-05D402

Record: WAW-05D402
Object type: COIN
Broadperiod: ROMAN
Description: Roman coin: radiate of Laelianus minted in 269 AD, VICTORIA AVG, Mint II (probably Cologne) in Gaul. RIC V, pt 2, no. 9; Cunetio no. 2501
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Information from Wikipedia

  • Preferred label: Laelianus
  • Full names:
    • Laelianus
    • Ulpius Cornelius Laelianus
  • Title:Usurper within the Gallic Empire
  • Predecessor: Postumus
  • Successor: Marcus Aurelius Marius
  • Definition: Ulpius Cornelius Laelianus (also incorrectly referred to as Lollianus and Aelianus) was a usurper against Postumus, the emperor of the Gallic Empire. His revolt lasted from approximately late February to early June 269.
  • Parents:
    • Father:
    • Mother:
  • Birth place:
  • Death place:
  • Spouse:
    • Other title(s):
      • Usurper within the Gallic Empire
    • Came After:
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